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Priority Parking and Membership Cards


Priority Parking

Members will only receive a membership card once a commuting trip has been registered or they join an event under ‘My Upcoming Events’ on your Member Home page.  Keep your card handy – other members may ask to sight it when you commence carpooling with them, and you will use it to make use of priority parking spaces.  

If your organisation is offering priority parking spaces for Carpool the West your workplace/club/organisation's carpool representative will have the details of where this spot(s) is located. 

Every carpool member that uses the priority carpool space on any particular day MUST leave their card on the dashboard of that vehicle.  This is to ensure more than one person has used the car for commuting that day.

If your workplace/club/organisation does offer priority carpool parking you will also be sent a windscreen Carpool the West sticker with your membership card.

Please allow for up to a month before your membership card and/or windscreen sticker arrive in the mail, if you do not receive it directly from your carpool representative.