Carpool the West
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Welcome to Carpool the West

Wyndham City Council has partnered with a number of other local organisations in an exciting new project called Carpool the West.  The project is in the startup phase and will initially only be open to nominated partner organisations.

Staff and students from the participating partner organisations, aged over 18 years can join Carpool the West and share their journeys, whether that is to work, study or to events like weekend sport.

It’s free, it takes minutes to sign on and from there you can search for other program members to link up with. All of your personal information is protected.

Plus, we verify the membership of every person who joins the program with the participating workplace, club or organisation that they are linked to. Read below for more information.

Why carpool? Well, why not? If you are making a similar journey to somewhere else – similar origin point, similar destination, similar times of day – then it makes sense to share the ride.  Carpooling can help you to:

  • save money by splitting the costs of your journey
  • reduce the wear and tear on your car and your carbon footprint 
  • enjoy being a passenger from time to time - if you share the driving with your carpool partner(s), you can be a passenger instead of always being stuck behind the wheel. 

Carpooling also has benefits for our community:

  • it can reduce the amount of traffic on the road 
  • it can reduce parking pressures at your destination point, and
  • it can provide transport options to people who are unable to travel independently